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This section contains information on how to solve common operational problems. Go through the following steps if you encounter any problem.
If this does not solve the problem, contact us.

BS230/BS260 and DT200 Handset


Fault Problem Cause Action or comment
Handset display no network and beeping sound Handset out of range or disconnect the battery or disconnect from base station Re-subscribe the handset back to the base station
No display Battery low Charge battery
No ringing Ringing off icon on Off icon on = adjust volume
Signal Strength icon off Out off coverage area Enter coverage area
Battery icon flashes slowly Battery low Charge battery
Red light flashing quickly on
the base station
External line disconnected or problem with the connection between base station
and telephone line

Check if the line put in correctly or try using another analog phone to check if the line is working or not,
if YES the base station need to be replaced


For a backdoor problem (You have entered an incorrect pin code 3 times in a row)

To make changes on the base station or handset settings follow the User’s Guide (Download section)

Power failure

In the event of power failure or strike by lightning, you can not use the handset to make calls or receive calls because the base station is faulty and need to be replaced.


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