BS370 base station





The BS370 wireless relay station is suitable for low to medium traffic capacity areas where cabling is a problem. The BS370 is connected to the cordless PBX via a radio link to a BS330 or BS340 'host' base station. It extends the coverage area of the host base station without the need to lay a new cable, saving man-hours and avoiding disruption. It only needs a local power adapter, so can for instance be mounted on a lamppost and use the same power supply.

The BS370 has a maximum capacity of up to 5 simultaneous speech calls with handover in its coverage area. The host base station can support up to 8 simultaneous speech calls in its own coverage area, minus the number of calls made over the BS370 wireless relay station. The BS370 is usually positioned so that its coverage sphere overlaps with that of the host base station. However, it also has an input for a 3rd antenna, usually the directional single antenna. This means it can be placed up to 1000 metres away.








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