Ericsson MD110


Based on a modular and distributed architecture, the Ericsson MD110 provides the foundation for a unified network that supports integrated voice, data and multimedia applications. Because of its distributed architecture, the Ericsson MD110 provides a high degree of fault tolerance and excellent scalability, from a few hundred to 35,000 or more users in an office, campus or enterprise environment.

Full mobility is supported in any configuration and across multiple locations. Ericsson’s MD110 stands out as an exceptional system that prepares you for the future while providing a cost-efficient solution for today’s business communication needs. Whatever your requirements, today or tomorrow, there is an MD110 system that will exceed your expectations.

Today, there are more than 12 million business users who reply on the MD110 and who have placed their confidence in Ericsson to protect their investment in the future through continuous system enhancements. A PBX is no longer a standalone system for voice communications. Business need a unified network for both voice and data is an integrated part of a larger communications infrastructure. The MD110 is unique in providing a truly open platform that supports all major existing and emerging standards and powerful network management functions to provide the ultimate in flexibility in supporting the flow of all types of information into and out of our organization.




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