Aastra DT413



These phones have all the performance you could want in a cordless phone. They are robust and extremely durable, and they are designed to comply with many specific demands. To withstand operation in tough environments the phones fulfill the Ingress Protection class 65 (IP65). These phones are ideal for use in factories, logistics or hospitals, or any place where people are constantly on the move and where reliable communication is needed for the business.

  • High quality voice
  • Tough industrial handset
  • Customizable ring signals
  • Easy access to telephony services
  • Mute button/Sound off key
  • Sending/receiving messages (SMS)
  • Base station location and poll location
  • Local, central, and company phone book
  • Message acknowledgement
  • Voice mail indication and access
  • Robust, dustproof, waterproof, IP65 classified design
  • Headset connector
  • Large, scratchproof, mechanically protected color display
  • Dynamic output power
  • Illuminated display and keypad
  • Call list with the last 25 calls
  • Loud speaker feature
  • Centralized management CPDM3
  • Three programmable soft keys
  • Advanced user profiles
  • Programmable hot keys
  • Vibration alert for incoming calls/messages
  • Programmable headset button
  • Bluetooth and hands free as standard



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