Aastra DT690



The DT690 is an attractive cordless phone that is appealing and easy to use for all employees. The Ericsson DT690 cordless phone allows employees to communicate at any place within an enterprise, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of the organization.

The DT690 has a modern design and the color display with its intuitive menu structure is recognizable by the mobile phone user. The keys are handy to use and the phonebook can be accessed simply by pressing a key. The multifunction key, in a convenient position on top of the phone, allows for customized functionality, which can be set by the user.

The DT690 cordless phone offers the most demanding customers advanced, state-of-the-art cordless phones with full business functionality.

  • Intuitive menu structure and icons with advanced feature settings
  • Color display
  • Ergonomic positioning of a multifunction key with a customized feature
  • Hands-free
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • CPDM (Central Portable Device Manager) support
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Easily replaceable battery that can be recharged separately
  • Virtual SIM
  • Easy access to PBX services (e.g. voice mail)
  • Cleanable with a damp cloth
  • Manual and automatic keypad lock
  • 3 programmable softkeys
  • 9 programmable hotkeys
  • One programmable multifunction key in a convenient position on top of the phone
  • Company phonebook with 1,000 entries that can be updated from CPDM
  • Central phonebook supported via an ODBC/LDAP interface
  • Local phonebook with 250 entries for every phone, independent of the system support
  • Call list that shows the 25 last calls
  • Sending/receiving messages (SMS)
  • Message acknowledgement
  • Standard 2.5 mm headset connector
  • Loudspeaker function
  • Vibration enabled
  • Muting function
  • 14 different ring tones available on the phone for an Internal Call, External Call, and Callback
  • GAP/CAP compliant



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