Aastra DT692



The DT692 is the clear choice for demanding users when alarm functionality is needed on top of the mobility functionality provided by the phone. Altogether this phone is the ideal choice in hospitals, light industries and environments where personal alarms are needed.
With the alarm button on top of the phone the user can issue a personal alarm to the alarm sever where it can be automatically distributed to the right recipients.

  • Intuitive menu structure and icons with advanced feature settings
  • Color display
  • User-friendly multifunction key for user-customization of features
  • Hands-free operation
  • Bluetooth support
  • CPDM3 (Central Portable Device Manager) support
  • Virtual SIM/easy phone replacement
  • Easily access to PBX services (e.g. voice mail)
  • Customizable ring signals can draw attention to specific call types
  • Alarm button on top of the phone
  • Acoustic Location Signaling (ALS) in conjunction to issued alarm
  • Automatic call after alarm is sent
  • Location information in conjunction with alarms (based on base station ID)
  • Poll location, third-party applications can request the phone location (based on base station ID)
  • Received alarms can override other activities on the phone



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