Ericsson DT432 ATEX



These robust handsets combine versatile telephony and messaging, ensuring reliable access to vital information from building automation systems, production lines, the Internet and intranets, as well as communications with other users.

They are the optimum choice for people working in factories, hotels and hospitals or any workplace where people are constantly on the move and need to communicate with just the touch of a button.

  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Robust, dustproof, waterproof, IP64
  • Push button alarm
  • Large, scratchproof, mechanically protected display
  • Illuminated display and keypad
  • SIM card for identity and personal settings
  • Up to 10 modes with personalized settings
  • Programmable soft keys for each mode
  • 10 programmable hot keys
  • Manual or automatic keypad lock
  • Time and date indication
  • Ring signal easily silenced
  • Vibration alert
  • Separate loudspeaker for ring signal and loudspeaker function
  • Two different text sizes
  • Headset connector standard, IP64 classified



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