Dialog Analog 41XX series

The Ericsson Dialog 4100 series of analog telephones connect to analogue extensions of business or public telecommunication systems and offer you advanced features for effective business or private communication. And they come specially designed to fit into any environment whether it is a service area, a hotel room, an office, or your home. Regardless of how you choose to use the telephones, you can be sure to benefit from the features such as the integrated headset support, last number redial and integrated phonebook that are available on the Dialog 4186 high.

Dialog 4100 analog telephones are available in three different models - Basic, Medium/ Hotel and High - with each model specially developed to take on the different and demanding needs of business and private users.


Dialog 4106 Basic

The classic telephone that offers a sound platform of features designed for basic demands, making this the ideal telephone for use in office visitor or service areas or as extra telephone at home.

  • Message waiting LED (switch controlled)
  • 4 programmable function keys (including a key for Message waiting)
  • Last number redial
  • Mute function
  • R-key (with flash 100 ms)
  • Tone dialling (DTMF)

Dialog 4147 Medium/ Hotel

This versatile telephone is designed to be easily adapted to suit different user demands, be it office, hotel or home. It comes equipped with sixteen programmable function keys that can be locked to prevent unwanted user changes and used for speed dialing or a service request. The telephone also offers extra line interface/data port for easy connection to a PC or a Fax and support for message waiting indicator function (switch controlled), making it the ideal hotel telephone.

  • Message waiting LED (switch controlled)
  • 16 programmable, lockable function keys (8 keys with 2 functions per key)
  • Last number redial
  • Loudspeaking function
  • Headset support
  • Extra line interface/data port for connection of PC/modem or fax
  • R-key (with flash 100/600 ms)
  • Tone dialling (DTMF)

Dialog 4186 High

This is the most advanced telephone in the Dialog 4000 Analog range of telephones, sophisticated and yet extremely user friendly and practical. The telephone incorporates a range of features designed to make business or home communications as effective as possible, like the handsfree speaking and the alphanumeric LCD display. Other superior features are the integrated phone book enabling dial by name, an integrated headset port allowing a headset to be plugged directly into the telephone - with the switching between the headset and the handset controlled by a key – a mute key for switching off the microphone and redial memory for fast access to dialed numbers.

  • Message waiting LED (switch controlled)
  • 20 programmable, lockable function keys (10 keys with 2 functions per key)
  • Last number redial (20 dialled numbers)
  • Headset support (with a dedicated key)
  • Extra line interface/data port for connection to PC/modem
  • R-key (with flash 100 ms but reprogrammable to 1-999 ms)
  • Tone dialing (DTMF)
  • 2*24 alphanumeric display (can be tilted)
  • Handsfree speaking function
  • Local phone book with 50 positions
  • Alarm clock function with alerting signal
  • Call duration timer

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