Ericsson MX-ONE Telephony Server

Everything you want in a communication system



Ericsson MX-ONET integrates data, voice and mobile communication in a compact, server-based system that fits into your 19-inch IT environment. Open, scalable and future-proof, it has enough power to link everyone in your organization - whether they are working at headquarters, branch offices, remote home offices or are out travelling.

Compatible with all of your current business-class telephony features and applications, and 99.999% reliable, it has everything you want, in one space-saving package.


Overall benefits of MX-ONET

Introducing the primary building block of MX-ONET

MX-ONET consists of several building blocks that can be smoothly integrated into your existing system.

The primary building block, the MX-ONET Telephony System, is available today. The telephony engine of the IP-PBX, it consists of a telephony server and a media gateway, both of which can be integrated into your IT environment.

The telephony server is a standard Linux-based server that runs Ericsson's Telephony Call Control software - giving you access to business-class telephony features like call forwarding, call back, call waiting and call intrusion. The media gateway offers the necessary telephony interfaces to the package data network (LAN) as well as to the public (PSTN/PLMN) and private circuit-switched networks.

The combination provides all the benefits of IP communication - including seamless integration between branch offices or remote offices using voice-over-IP. This translates into cost-efficient communication with lower administration costs, better billing control and more affordable functionality for mobile workers.

And if you are an MD110 owner, the MX-ONET Telephony System can be used along with your existing MD110 network, applications, phones or management system.


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