Why Wireless?

Reasons for choosing wireless telephony are many and diverse, but are basically the same whether you are interested in DECT or Wi-Fi solutions. Shown below are some of the unique selling points in terms of why you would need a wireless telephony solution in general and in four vertical markets.

- Flexibility
- Fast and direct communication
- Optimized working procedures
- Increased efficiency
- Increased productivity
- Improved customer service

Alcatel-Lucent offers the industry's most advanced WLAN and VoWLAN (VoIP over WLAN) applications for converged voice and data. These comprehensive, secured wireless applications enable high-speed, easy and secure access to both information and corporate services from a range of mobile terminals (laptops, PDAs, phone sets), wherever they are within the company and in areas where a legacy wired solution is not cost effective.

The OmniAccess WLAN controls the light access points used by the Mobile IP Touch phones. This light access point architecture enables centralized management of the overall WLAN IP infrastructure, providing better performance, reliability and security than that of heavy access point architecture.

This centralized architecture is the best option for efficient voice mobility support. It allows users to seamlessly roam between access points, across switches, without compromising performance, reliability or privacy.

The Alcatel-Lucent Voice over WLAN offers rich voice features, with the same level of service as all other Alcatel-Lucent IP telephony terminals.


centralized architecture connects and controls multiple light access points, IEEE 802.11a, b and g support, internal and external antennae, both switch and air-cell redundancy support, auto calibration, rogue access point detection, location and containment, interference detection, load balancing, coverage hole detection, location & tracking, automated RF site survey, integrated IDS/firewall, integrated and external captive portal. 802.11 attack signature detection, WEP, WPA, WPA II, advanced support for converged mobility, Power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af (PoE), Quality of Service (QoS), Call Admission Control (CAC), seamless handover between access points, Alcatel-Lucent voice quality (services, codec, etc.), full telephony features on mobile IP Touch devices (multi-line, boss/assistant, call-by-name).

A centralized WLAN architecture supports converged data and voice mobility through various WLAN terminals such as voice-based handsets, laptops, PDAs and dual-mode GSM/WLAN phones.

The VoWLAN offering includes the OmniAccess Wireless LAN Switch and OmniAccess Access Point. It is based on Alcatel-Lucent enterprise mobile phones (Mobile IP Touch 300 and 600) with a dedicated server that guarantees voice quality.

Deployment strategy based on existing infrastructure

Converged voice and data requirements Green field


SVP server Mobile IP Touch 300 phone - Business Mobile IP Touch 600 phone - Rugged


Easier to deploy, manage and secure while leveraging existing IP infrastructure, scales up and down with consistent management operations for small to large-scale deployment, reliable and protected connectivity, rich services capabilities on Mobile IP Touch phones, full enterprise service with advanced support for converged mobility on campus with adapted terminals for different environments/profiles and voice quality.

Product Brochures

White paper: Business in motion - managing the mobile workforce (PDF)

Mobile technology has rapidly penetrated the workplace in recent years, leading to widespread changes in working practices and management styles. A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit sponsored by Alcatel-Lucent.

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